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Fractional RevOps for companies looking to implement, fix, optimize, their instance of HubSpot + Salesforce.

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As an official Salesforce and HubSpot partner, our expert RevOps consultants can solve your most challenging Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, RevOps projects and unlock the full potential of Salesforce or HubSpot.

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“Tate made RevOps one of our super powers at".

Rob Nelson, Founder,

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Why RevOps?

By 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy the revenue operations (RevOps) model.

We think the best companies leverage this model to build a valuable CRM, break down organizational silos, operate with greater efficiency and predictability, and show investors meaningful results.

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Our Services

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Automate Your Sales Process

Your sales tech stack and workflows should be enhancing your team’s ability to sell. Unfortunately,  that isn’t always the case. We remove operational obstacles to help Sales teams focus on what they are actually paid to do — sell. Our clients see close rates improve and sales cycles shorten as we optimize and streamline the buyer journey.

Here are a few of our Sales specialties:

  • Standardized Opportunity/Deal Creation
  • Opportunity/Deal Stage Analysis + Automation
  • No Lead Left Behind - Pipeline Visibility + Notifications
  • Sales Activity Tracking + Automation (Calls, Emails, Texts, Meetings)
  • Closed Won/Lost Data Capture + Automation
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“With RevBlack, our net revenue grew over 210% in two years and for the first time in my career, Salesforce was actually a useful sales tool rather than a manual chore for the team.”

~Brett Garner, CRO,

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Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales is where we shine. Once Marketing gets the lead through the door, our team will build automation and processes inside of a well-integrated GTM tech stack. We’ll send the right leads to the right people as quickly as possible.

Here are a few areas where we can have a big impact:

  • Improved Lead Capture + Speed to Lead
  • Lead Source Attribution Models
  • Lead Assignment + Inbound Meeting Scheduling
  • Lead Scoring + Status Automation
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“RevBlack fully integrated our instance of HubSpot and Salesforce to ensure the hottest leads get priority and that nothing else falls through the cracks.”

~Jairus Sargent, MOps Manager, SMA Technologies

Icon Customer Success

3x Your Customer Success Productivity

Reducing churn and managing expansion is complex and challenging work. Having the right data and automation to assist your CSMs can improve productivity by 2-3x and allow your team to develop longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

Here’s how we can help CS organizations excel:

  • Standardized + Optimized Sales/CS Handoff
  • Task + Case  Automation
  • Automated Outreach
  • Standardized Renewal Data, Processes + Automation
  • Upsell Criteria + Campaign Automation
  • Cancellation Data Capture + Automation
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“The data and Salesforce automation that Tate and his team provided allowed us to grow our Upsell and Renewal ARR faster than we ever would have been able to without them.”

~Leah Mezenen, Senior Manager of CS, Epicor Software

Icon Operations

Integrate Your Systems and Operations

Your Ops team often is the “unsung hero” of your company’s success. Operations is rarely flashy but is essential for scalable + healthy growth. We can take a few things off your team’s plate and ensure technical and operational obstacles don’t slow you down.

Here are some of our Ops strengths:

  • GTM Tech Stack Audit, Optimization, + Integration
  • Optimized HubSpot/Salesforce Integration
  • Account/Contact Model Conversion For Salesforce
  • Customized Salesforce Pages, Processes, + Automation for Marketing, Sales, + CS
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“Tate and his team have that unique ability to understand the business' needs and then accomplish goals and bring life to the tech stack.”

~Kelly (Phillips) Greenwalt, Sr. Director of Global Marketing Operations, Epicor Software

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Our Specialties

We are Salesforce and HubSpot CRM experts and love working with Private Equity Portfolio companies. We'll help you craft the ideal buyer journey, build the tech stack to make it happen, and ensure your investors can see the results.

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Our Results

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After leading RevOps at several companies through multiple rounds of funding and acquisitions, RevBlack founder Tate Stone, knows how a solid RevOps strategy accelerates revenue growth and adds millions to a valuation. Based in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, Tate and the RevBlack team are ready to bring our expertise to help your business automate, optimize, and scale your revenue growth.

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Tate Stone
CEO + Founder, RevBlack